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BAHUBALI 2 : The Conclusion REVIEWS:

BAHUBALI SERIES AN INDIAN MOVIE EPIC which LIVE till the Indian Cinema Lasts.

All are eager about the BAHUBALI 2 Movie becuase BAHUBALI The Beginning has created such a Impact on Audience.. All are eager to know Why the Royal Guard  of Mahismati and very dear mate of BAHUBALI, KATAPPA has killed BAHUBALI what Made him to Kill his King to whom he likes the Most in all Kingdom.

" WHY KATAPPA HAS KILLED BAHUBALI " has become the quotation for all Media Channels when they start talking about BAHUBALI they first start with this word " WHY KATAPPA HAS KILLED BAHUBALI ".

After Watching All know that BAHUBALI Sibling BHALALADEVA want to become king of MAHISMATI he knows till BAHUBALI is live he cannot Become the king. In 1st Part he got an opportunity to become king by killing KILIKI but Still RAJAMATA SIVAGAMINI has made BAHUBALI as KING OF MAHISMATI.

All got into Expectation that he will kill Bahubali to become king but BAHUBALI the Beginning CLIMAX has made all into shock that KATAPPA has killed Bahubali..

BAHUBALI 2 The Conclusion has Complete DRAMA where as BAHUBALI the Beginning has only the Introduction.PRABAS has Awesome as Father & Son in BAHUBALI 2 . It has cute love story between BAHUBALI & DEVASENA (Anushka).

BAHUBALI goes for a tour to know the world before taking a CROWN where he sees DEVASENA and falls in LOVE in First sight & enters into that kingdom as a common man, this news has reached to BHALADEVA and he gets an idea and takes a promise from SIVAGAMINI to make his Marriage with DEVASENA to whom he loves... SIVAGAMINI gives Promise and sends her Proposal to KUNTALA RAJYA to which DEVASENA Refuses. Angered SIVAGAMINI Orders Bahubali to Bring Devasena as tied to his Kingdom. Before That Bahubali save the KUNTALA kingdom from PINDARIS and Promises DEVASENA to Marry.. he convinces Devasena and Brings to MAHISMATI.  BHALADEVA takes an Advantage of Situation in court where Bahubali reveals he will marry devasena and with this Angered SIVAGAMINI Announces Bahubali As Commander in Cheif for the Kingdom and BHALADEVA as King for the Kingdom..

Still Not satisfied with Crown Bhalala deva plays a game BAHUBALI to leave the Kingdom.. all the people are very favor of BAHUBALI but not the King again plays a Political game to KILL BAHUBALI in Which he Uses his mother SIVAGAMINI to Order to KILL BAHUBALI with KATAPPA...and the ROYAL GUARD agrees and KILLS BAHUBALI...after that SIVAGAMINI knows this game and she made Bahubali Son as KING by Announces his name as MAHENDRA BAHUBALI... Angered BHLALADEVA plans to kill MOTHER & KID, KATAPPA helps to Escape SIVAGAMINI With Kid and Devasena becomes prison in KINGDOM....

After Reveling the Story of his Father  to SHIVUDU ( MAHENDRA BAHUBALI) by KATAPPA, Angered SHIVUDU wants to Kill BHALALADEVA . Then the rest of the story is how he takes his Revenge...


Hats-OFF to RAJAMOULI's Vision & Ambition to Make his dream into Reality in a Movie.. Superb Casting  all are did they duty not 100% but 1000% all the actors has lived in thier character..

This movie will be live till the Indian Cinema Lasts.. We can Proudly say BAHUBALI is an Indian Movie Made by INDIAN DIRECTOR with INDIAN ACTORS With INDIAN TECHNICIANS..

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