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Paisa Vasool Reviews : Puri lost his form and Ballayya bagged a flop in his kitty

Trailer of  Nandamuri Balakrishna's " Paisa Vasool " has trilled to Ballaya's fans as Ballaya is teamed up with Puri Jagannath who is well known for his taking and showing Heroism of his Hero's in Different Style.

From Few Days " Paisa Vasool " trailer has rocked the floor in Tollywood Film Industry. Ballaya's Different dialogue delivery, his accent as TEDA SINGH has raised the expectations on the Movie.

Coming to the Reviews of the Movie : The Story of " Paisa Vasool" is as routine as all his Movies right from his Pokiri, Businessman, Golimaar etc.

Paisa Vasool

Introduction of Hero with Song and there was a Mafia don ( BOB MARLEY) who ruins the city with Murders, Kidnaps etc and police are failed to stop all these and hunting for a Hero with who can catch the don and they found TEDA SINGH ( BALLAYA).

Ballaya impressed as TEDA SINGH and loves a Heroine and goons caught heroine and then Hero kills all of they and Police arrested him and asks him his flash back.

Flashback set at Portuguese Teda Singh working as Cab driver and met Heroine Sriya working as BBC journalist who comes to Portuguese to take documentary on Mafia don BOB MARLEY.  She shoots a video in which Indian Minster along with BOB Marley having conversation and they notice it and try to catch her and Ballaya saves her and there the director given a twist as he given in POKIRI like showing a hero as local gangster and at last showing him as Police officer same scene repeating here too.. Ballaya shown as RAW agent at last came with a mission to BOB Marley.. In fight Sriya Dies and BOB Marley escapes and the flash back ends.

How he kills the Minister and take revenge on BOB MARLEY is the rest story.

Old Story explained in POOR Manner. It shows Director Puri Jagannath lost his form in making Movies as all his movies are getting flops continuously

Ballaya after two blockbuster hits now bagged a flop. first half of the Movie is good with ballaya different style never seen. second half of the movie is boring and known twist at the end. Poor Background Score, No catchy songs except " MAMA EK  PEG LA".

Sriya has nothing to do in the movie, BALLAYA one man SHOW " Paisa Vasool"

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