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LIE Reviews : Nithin Shines with new look but Content Lacks

Nithin's Last Hit  "Aa Aa " made increased his range from Average Hero to TOP HERO Range has become very choose in Movie selection after his long time Hit ISHQ has now teamed up with Hanu Raghavapudi.

Hanu Raghavpudi tasted success with both his movies Andala rakhasi & Krishtigadi Veera Prema Gadha now planned to make his Hat-trick successful hit with Nithin.

Nithin's LIE
Movie Starts with showcasing Nithin as lazy & thief and here at Heroine Megha Akash( chaitra in the movie) Marriage scene to which her childhood dream is to go LAS VEGAS and she plans her honeymoon and convinces travel agent for it and at the marriage day her marriage cancels.

His Friend madhunandan gives him idea to come to LAS VEGAS and marry a foreigner to get rich in life. Chaitra compromises to share her travel with Nithin to fulfill her dream.

National Investigation agency sends  Sriram( plays as intelligence officer) to Las vegas to catch the criminal padmanabham ( Hero ARJUN). Their one and only clue to catch is his "Suit " which is delivering to his address.

Unfortunately Arjun knows about NIA plan which they named as 'SHOLAY' and tries to kill Sriram and they came to Sriram is not the Primary officer to catch him and another officer is in vegas to kill him.

In Interval Scene it reveals NITHIN is another officer came to catch ARJUN. Director took special care for Arjun's Character. Second half of the Movie completely showcases as Tom & Jerry game the love story between Hero & Heroine is not much effective.

In the end of the movie Nithin reveals at villian that it is not the NIA mission to catch him it is his personal mission that 20years back he kills his father for another reason. Nithin says him it is his revenge to kill him.

Director made the story to revolve around the ' Suit' but did not given much clarity about that suit expect the line that it has fingerprints of top officers which used to destroy india.

Acting part Nithin has done the best job as a cop and arjun impresses as villian. No much comedy in the movie and not at all a good romance. It is a typical mind game movie in tollywood.

These kind of stories are much suitable to Hollywood & Bollywood and our telugu audience are not much adopted to such concept story as before it proved with mahesh babu's "1 nenokadine".

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